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Thread: Tommy's Class 1 Jeep

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    I haven't been doing any crawling lately, but I've been missing it. However, I wasn't too thrilled with my battery situation last time. The 1300 batteries lasted a decent amount of time, but I didn't have very many of them left. Some were puffing and I was down to only 3 batteries. Not enough for a day of crawling so I decided to pick up some more. And I also decided to up the capacity of the batteries to get me some longer run times. After lots of measuring and research I decided to get some Turnigy 2200's. They're only 20c compared to the 40c 1300s I had been running, but this is a Class 1 rig. Big whoop if it doesn't have crazy punch! :)

    2200 20c vs. 1300 40c:

    Here's where the 1300 mounted with Velcro. It fits right in front of the firewall of the Jeep when I close the body. Also, I know my inner fenders are folding pretty badly. I've got plans to fix that.

    Mocking up the longer 2200.

    It overhangs the sides of the chassis now, but not too badly.

    Since the body opens/closes like a funny car, I'll need to trim the bottoms of the rock sliders. Right now if I close the body, the sliders will hit the battery due to its longer length. Nothing a Dremel can't fix.


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    Should be plenty of juice now!

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