TXRCRCA is not responsible for transactions gone bad. This is the internet so please be cautious. Anything too good to be true normally is. Whenever possible use a payment method that protects you from fraud (i.e., Paypal). As a seller make sure to get a delivery confirmation to protect you from a buyer charge back.

In an effort to keep the for sale section clutter free and to help everyone out, here are some basic guidelines of how to use the classified section.
-You must specify a price for what you are selling. You may put a price and OBO, but dont just say best offer. This is not ebay. If you dont specify a post, it is subject to be deleted.

-You can re-list items at any time (if it has been deleted)

-If you item has sold please edit your post saying so, or post up asking for the thread to be deleted. This will make it easier for buyers and yourself to not get messages asking if it you still have it when you have sold it 3 weeks ago.

-Bumping threads is allowed, but please do not let it get out of hand by bumping it multiple times a day. Every 3 days would be ok.

***VENDORS are not allowed to use the for sale section to post items they frequently stock. If you are a vendor, just ask me for your own vendor section.