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Thread: TXRCRCA and TSF guidelines

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    TXRCRCA and TSF guidelines

    TXRCRCA - the radio controlled crawling association for the state of Texas and sanctioning body for USRCCA competitive rock crawling across the Texas (west) and Texas (east) regions.

    The TXRCRCAs primary goal is to promote competitive rc rock crawling in the state of Texas, mediate disputes within its member clubs, maintain a public forum and organize the states USRCCA crawl-off to determine invites to Nationals.

    The governing body of TXRCRCA consists of 3 representatives each from all USRCCA recognized clubs within the boundaries of the state of Texas(*excluding TXRCC). Rulings and USRCCA appointments shall be deemed passed by a simple majority Vote.

    TXRCRCA membership currently consists of :
    CTXRCC and its members
    ETXRCC and its members
    NTXRCC and its members
    GCRCRC and its members
    TXRCC affiliated chapters and its members

    TXRCC is the associations recognized club status designation under the USRCRCA, encompassing the entire boundaries within the state of Texas, administered and run by the TXRCRCA governing body and consisting of various local chapters and all individual members of TXRCRCA. As a legal designation of the TXRCRCA , and administered by the TXRCRCA governing body it shall be considered EXEMPT from participation in the state crawl-off process and association rulings except for its ability to send 5 representatives to the Texas State Finals as determined by the TXRCRCA Governing body that runs it.

    TXRCC chapter status shall be determined by meeting the following criteria and a majority approval of the Governing body.
    1. Have a minimum of 6 hosted competitions under USRCCA rules prior to application.
    2. Have a member who has attended and participated in at least 2 USRCCA sanctioned events. (regional, national, or recognized club)
    3. The chapter shall have at least one member, or be vouched for by a member, with over 200 posts and that has been a member for over 6 months on and 30 posts/6months on .

    TXRCCs representation for TSF will consist of the top driver from each chapter as determined by their respective chapters. Once more than 5 chapters are eligible a TXRCC final will be organized with the top 4 from each chapter competing for the 5 representative spots.

    TEXAS STATE FINALS the USRCCA crawl-off for the state of Texas.

    TSF will be held each year in the month of June to determine the states 4 representatives for Nationals invites and will be submitted to the USRCCA by the deadline of July 1st.

    TSF will consist of a single competition run under the USRCCA rulebook with an equal number of courses built and run by each recognized club. The top 4 eligible participants will then earn one of the 4 available invites allotted to the state of Texas. Should one of the 4 invitees be unable to represent the state of Texas at Nationals the invite will fall to the next eligible participant within the top 10.

    USRCCA recognized clubs, that have run a minimum of 4 competitions for each class they want to qualify for Nationals between Jan 1st- July 1st or prior to the Texas State Finals, will each send their top 5 representatives per class based on their own method of selection. These 5 representatives from each recognized club will be the eligible participants to compete for the states national invites.
    NO duplicate of representation in TSF is allowed, competitors may only represent one club or chapter and may not have dual entries as so far as TSF is concerned.

    Since the Texas State Finals is a consolidation of multiple club, chapter and regional divisions within USRCCA each with autonomous authority to selection of representation, each individual competing in multiple club events/series must designate which path to TSF they are attempting to qualify thru prior to completion of 3 events in any one series or participation in any single club event used to determine eligible TSF participants .

    No participant may be discriminated against based on age, sex, or geographic location.

    No participant who has otherwise met the pre-determined qualifications for representation in any recognized club may be denied participation.

    Except as listed above in TSF eligibility requirements, Recognized clubs are otherwise free to determine the method of determining their top 5 representatives in TSF by any means they see fit .

    All other decisions regarding TSF will be made by a majority vote of the TXRCRCA governing body prior to the event each year.yea

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    Awesome! Now, can someone with stickying powers on RCC please post it in the Texas section there?

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