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Thread: rock hards BWD mini wedge

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    rock hards BWD mini wedge

    I was lucky enough to pick myself up a wedge from one of my friends.
    He had already gotten the truck to perform well IMO.But I wasnt to happy about the stock driveshafts.

    When I installed my stamped shafts it created a conflict with the upper links.So I had to
    try mutiple setups till I could get full motion without any binding.

    I also wasnt to fond of the mongoose setup,though it is a great all around system,its just not my cup of coffee.

    And tires,he had the 1.9 rovers installed on the BWD wheels,and they are a good match,but I love
    cut n shuts.

    Here is a pic just top get things started,I will post more you can be sure.

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    nice wheel weight idea.:thumbsup:
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    i agree, that is awesome, no more unscrewing like 50 bolts to open tires.

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