Here is a custom set of Robras I made for a RCC forum member. They are constructed using 6 Panther Cobras and 8 white dot Hot Bodies Rovers side walls. These come in at 5 7/8 tall when constructed like this.

This particular set is made with white dot super soft Panther Cobras in front and red dot soft compound Panther Cobras in the rear.

The foams are standard 5.5 tall foams narrowed to 2 inch in the front and 1 13/16 in the rear. When mounted on a 1 inch wide rim them feel very good. I included tuning rings just in case the customer needs added height from the foams.

I am testing a set of these that are 5 5/8 tall and use Losi Rock Claw side walls on my 2.2 berg. I'll try and post pictures of those later.