After several months of testing, the original design 3.2 dual stage has been updated. The reports from many drivers through out the country has been that the initial design was too soft. Especially on trucks over 7 pounds. So I made up five proto type sets and have received great feedback from those testers. Here is a picture of the updated version on the left compared to the original on the right:

The production version of the revision should be available next week. At this point the sizing will be 2 1/4 wide, 6 5/8 tall, 3.2 rim size. Cost is still to be determined.

Here is the old design next to a few custom Super Tires I made:

3.2 Super Size HB Rovers:

3.2 Super Size Super Soft Compound Leopards:

A 3.2 cut n shut SS Leopard compared a stock 2.2 Leopard;