JOYSTICK on contacted me about making some custom tires for him. After a brief discussion with him, this is what I came up with. It is a Pro-Line G8 Moab XL side wall with Hot Bodies Sedona tire face tread. This tire has no overlapping joints. It was cut and butt jointed together. The end result is a tire that is esthetically pleasing with no wrinkles. It took four Pro-Line G8 Moab XL's and six Hot Bodies Sedona's.

The tire finishes out at 7.5 inches tall off crawler. Mounted on a crawler it's about 7 inches tall with a set of Super Nova Dual Stage foams inside them.

The Sedona tread pattern matches perfectly around the tire.

Here is the XL Sedona tire pictured with the Super Nova dual stage foams for enlarged and modified 2.2 tires. These foams will fit both 3.8" and 115mm wheels. JOYSTICK has a custom set of Vanquish Products 40 series wheels he will be using these tires and foams on. Crawler Innovations is now a dealer for Vanquish Products as well.

Here is a picture of the inside joints and construction of the tire.

Your tires and foams were mailed out today John. I look forward to hearing how they perform. Thank you for the custom work.