View Full Version : hey guys can someone sell me something today

02-15-2013, 07:48 AM
text me for a faster deal.....

so i got a new toy, got it all built up last night, and need three things really bad and like today. any of the guys in lewisville, carrolton, dallas, over by me can sell me:

1. Axial scx servo plate

2. that little 3-link y-connector

3. possibly a hitec 645mg servo...(this i can get at the shop, so its not a priority, but if someone has one and needs a little cash i'd rather get it from somebody:thumbsup:)

so as you all are probably just as bad as me when you got something new... I NEED THIS STUFF TTTTTOOOODDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!! TTTTOOOO FFFFFIIIINNNNIIIISSSSHHHH TTTTHHHHIIIISSSS!!!!!!


and lastly if any of you are by flowermound, if you can bring it by before 1:30pm ill hook you up with lunch



02-15-2013, 09:19 AM
Sorry man I don't have any of those parts but its good to hear from ya we need to go hit some trails sometime :thumbsup: