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You can call me Ray
10-07-2012, 12:13 AM
Hey all.
After mannnnny hours of talking & watching vids & making sure he wasn't going to renig on his decision
My son got an ECX Torment for his birthday (bought @ TT hobby).
(Yes it's his)
He has put 3 packs through it alreaedy & he's loving it. (I'm kinda impressed too)

The only problem we're facing is the charging times between runs.
It came RTR w/ a wall charger which works, but it takes 12-15hrs before the batt. even starts to get warm.
Coincedently I'm not able to know if it's even getting a full charge.

Would anyone here have a cheap quick charger for sale that I could pick up from them in the next couple of days??? I know I could go back to the store for one but if anyone here needs a lil $ & they have an extra charger... catch my drift?

Anyways Thanks for reading.
My son is "Super excited" about having his own thread on here too!


10-07-2012, 08:53 AM
Any pics of that new toy?

You can call me Ray
10-07-2012, 09:25 AM
Any pics of that new toy?
Pics coming soon...
He's getting ready to run it now...

You can call me Ray
10-07-2012, 01:15 PM
Scratch the idea that we need a charger.

I took him out to run it & he got maybe 10 minutes of play time. :pissed:

I didn't want him to have to wait till tomorrow to run it again, so I made a trip out to T&T's and pickied up a charger & another battery, so now he should at least get to enjoy his new toy...

10-07-2012, 01:54 PM
Another addict in the making :smokin:

You can call me Ray
10-09-2012, 11:48 PM

Sorry about the pics fellas.
Problem w/ my phones right now.
I will get them transferred to my computer asap though...

I bought a used Venom 3000mah battery from T&T's w/ the charger on Sunday.
I took it home & charged it for approx. 3 hrs. till the charger just shut itself off.
Nothing! :brickwall:
Did it again... Still nothing. :pissed:
I took it back to T&T's, explained what I had tried.
He slapped it on his high $$$ charger.
Charged it for like 5 minutes. Hmm? :popcorn:
Then discharged it to see if it had anything in it... 10 minutes he later found that it discharged a lil bit more than it accepted but it was a bad battery.
So he hooked me up w/ a new 1800mah pack which was the same price :thumbsup::thumbsup:

He could have said "screw you buddy, You're the one who bought a used battery".
But he didn't, so I am grateful!
Good C.S. in my book.

Anyways. *rant over*

Pics soon...