View Full Version : Map of DFW crawler Locations

08-07-2012, 08:08 PM
Click on link below:

https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=e...7aa615&t=h&z=8 (https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=111826243619499761459.00047200d2b1e097aa615&t=h&z=8)

08-30-2012, 10:16 PM
I stopped to look at big rock creek on way home first thing I see is 5' cotton mouth im not going to crawl there until it gets cold . I did see a possible good spot off josey and Keller springs at creek and train tracks ill look tomorrow and post what I find

08-31-2012, 10:03 PM
I found good spot in park behind home depot on Keller springs and joesy. Big rocks under train bridge on both sides of drainage ditch.

10-21-2012, 05:01 PM
The gaps are too big to crawl there

PS I can edit the map if you want to add places.

10-21-2012, 09:42 PM
Sure - if you know how to do it.

09-01-2014, 12:39 PM

Little place I found in the colony. More trailing than anything,had a few little crawling spots and mud holes for the waterproofed folks

12-27-2014, 09:05 PM
Dirty's place added and Mike's updated..
Please PM me if any adjustments need to be made!!