We are happy to have released our Heavy Duty 4 Link kit for the TF2!

Our Heavy Duty 4 Link Kit for the Trail Finder 2 if a great way to add a durable 4 Link to your TF2 rear end.

The standard RC4WD kit is great for normal use but we know you guys are hard on your rigs and like to customize!

So, our kit differs from the RC4WD kit in a few ways:
-Our Axle Link Mounts are steel.
-Our kit is designed around Traxxas 1942 rod ends

We know a lot of you have your own parts lying around or are doing custom length links.
So, we allow you to select our links & rod ends or "I have my own".

We offer everything you could need to make a bulletproof setup and hope you enjoy the kit.

Thanks for reading!