For those that are wanting to use our AO8 beadlock wheels on their Traxxas TRX4, we have some special parts just for you!

Our new 285 TRX-4 Axle Flanges & 485 TRX-4 Axle Flanges both work with our 2.5x11mm Pins.
Together they allow you to bolt up our AO8 wheels to your TRX-4 for an awesome combination.

Sample Hatchet AO8 wheel shown:

But wait ... there's more.
They also slice and dice and ... no.

They also work with our 1.55s.
"But, but, 1.55 wheels won't fit on a TRX-4!"

(Our TRX-4 Bronco)

...Except that they do if you run the stock or our Black Steel Portal covers.
It's an exceptionally close fit ... but they DO fit.

The 1.55s DO NOT fit with some other aftermarket covers, like the Devil RC covers.
Just so you know.

If you are not a fan of the pin style axle flange we have some HEX style as well.
Our 735 Axle Flanges & 935 Axle Flanges will both work with your stock TRX-4 Wheel hexes.

Thanks for reading!