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Thread: TEXAS Shootout June 14th Llano TX

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    TEXAS Shootout June 14th Llano TX

    TEXAS Shootout June 14th Llano TX

    This is for the USRCCA State Finals.

    Any and all competitors are welcome.

    Comp location used in the past
    200-298 W Burnet St
    Llano, TX 78643

    3045'19.2"N 9840'41.1"W

    This will be a 1 day event.

    Club leaders meeting 7:30AM
    Course building starts 8AM
    Tech starts 8AM
    2.2 Pro courses 1 and 2 open at 9AM
    Lunch break
    2.2 Pro courses 3 and 4 open at 12:30PM
    2.2S and 1.9 will run at the same time once 2.2 Pro is complete.

    Although everyone will be competing together there will be 2 divisions within each class:
    -OPEN DIVISION - Open to anyone that just wants to compete
    -SEASON WINNERS DIVISION - Open only to the top 5 season finishers in each class from each TX club

    1st Annual TEXAN G6
    Still working on this one

    *Those competing for a USRCCA Nationals invitation MUST have qualified through their local clubs.
    qualifiers from each club in each class will be competing for the invitations given to the state of Texas.
    Recognized clubs of TEXAS: NTXRCC, GCRCRC, ETXRCC, CTXRCC
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