Well the time has come for me to close up shop, well actualy it already came and went a couple months ago after the last comp, but I've been busy with the family and not online at all so now it's time for the official announcement for anyone that may not already know.

First off let me thank those that helped me run the club for so many years, I know life has gone hectic for all of us. I really miss the friends I made while being part of the club, but life comes first.

I know the club was doing well and attendance was better than ever with the split of the club allowing each club to focus, so closing it shocked a few people. But in all honesty I don't have the time to organize and host events. So I'm sorry I have to let it go. Most people know I've been dealing with medical issues with my son and wife for the last two years and that of course caused me to loose focus and go freakin crazy and bug out on a few folks, I can only apologize for my actions, even to deaf ears, but things are looking much better now, unfortuanately for the club we are moving to splendora. Which makes it really hard for me to organize events around the Houston area. Also we are having a custom house built so I will be dealing with that and remodling this house so for the next year or so I will be swampped.

So again I'm sorry to those that were looking forward to more Scale events.

Anyone in or around Houston please check with Jeremy or Shelby at Gulf Coast RC Crawlers and on RCC.

Thanks again and Goodluck to any Texans headed for NATS.

@Lockedup or any other staff, please leave this notice up for a bit and than feel free to delete the forum or whatever, thanks again.