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Thread: The destruction and Rebirth of a Wraith

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    The destruction and Rebirth of a Wraith

    I know you are probably thinking ah crap another Wraith build. Yep that's exactly what this is but it is the one I am doing so I hope you enjoy. This will probably be a fairly slow build since funds are a little tight right now but it should pick up pretty soon. I got this from another member and it was a little dirty but not too bad. All the parts looked great on it though and everything functioned as it should. So here is the parts list of what is going on it. I am going to go with a military theme on this, but more of a flat black stealth so it isn't just like my Wrecked Wraith is. I will probably stick with the stock interior but I may make a few changes to it. Definitely going to be a different color.

    VP Knuckles and C's
    VP rear lock outs
    Maybe VP axle housings not sure at this point.
    VP Stealth axle covers
    (noticing a pattern with the VP stuff yet?)
    VP steering linkage
    JR 8711 servo
    Mamba max
    Velineon Brushless motor (got to be waterproof)
    Winch of some type, I have a nice Servo winch that I have yet to use.
    CMS kit
    Not sure on the trans yet I may wait and see what Don @ BWD has up his sleeve with his new trans.
    Traxxas Aluminum 4" big bores
    Home built lighting kit
    Not sure on the wheels
    2.2 Swampers

    Here are the Destruction pics.

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    Ok so there where a few changes of plans. I got the VP knuckles but not the c's I ended up with some HR ones that work just fine. I made the lower links from 3/8 delrin and traxxas rod ends. Here are pics of the progress so far. The VP rear lockouts are on the way and I am paying for the linkage monday so hopefully they will be here by friday. The 8711 was hosed but I had a 5945 that I stuck on it until I get something else.

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    Looking good. Any progress with this?
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