Crawler Innovations has added two new servo guard - servo clamp - servo mount to the product line. All servo guards include stainless steel mounting hardware.

The Engraved or Lightened guards are $12.95
The Standard version is $10.95

I know that customers have a lot of choices now for servo protectors and Crawler Innovations appreciates the customers who have already purchased these.

If you would like to purchase one, here is a link to the web site:

The Crawler Innovations servo guard - servo clamp - servo mount is a multi-functional part:
1. This part can serve as a guard to keep rock rash off your high end
servo and protect the case from damage from a fall.

2. It also serves as a clamp, securely applying even mounting pressure
across the mounting tabs of your servo.

3. This part can also be used as a servo mount for custom scale builds or
competition crawler builds.

This part is CNC cut from 6061 T6 Aluminum and made in the U.S.A. It fits any standard size 1/10 scale servo such as the Hitec 7950,7955, 5645, 5955, etc. This does not fit monster scale servos like the Hitec 7980.

Crawler Innovations now offers these in three different designs. All servo guards now include mounting hardware. The light weight and engraved guards are counter sunk.

The standard or original version:

The new engraved version with counter sunk mounting:

The new light weight version also with counter sunk mounting: