Crawler Innovations is excited to bring a new material and design to the RC Rock Crawling, & Scale RC Crawling hobby / sport. This new design features a closed cell inner foam with a conventional outer. The closed cell inner foam is super dense, water proof, is not temperature sensitive and is extremely durable. The conventional outer foam is not temperature sensitive, but it is not water proof. The closed cell inner foams are bead lock width sensitive, please order based on the guidelines below:
Inner Width:
The Narrow Inner Foam Width fits .7" - 1" wide bead lock wheels
The Wide Inner Foam Width fits 1.125" - 1.35" wide bead lock wheels.

Double Deuce Outer Choices:

5.5" Double Deuce

6.0" Double Deuce

Comparison of size difference between Narrow & Wide Inner foams:

Height Comparison of the inners: