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Thread: TSS Project Big B!tch Silverado

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    Cory, looks good if nothing else you will have ton steering.

    Steve, if you do the xr mod I look at delrin beef tubes. Everyone who has delrin say they work better than steel ones. The steel one are loose fit and the screw holes strip out.

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    well in order to use the Mayhem wheels, because the hex pocket is so deep i had to use standard Axial thick hexes with the nipple. well i wanted to use the scx-10 thin hexes to narrow the track, but mostly to reduce more tire scrub with the thicker XR knuckles. but as you can see that wasnt possible.

    so i got out the hack saw

    problem solved

    then i got all the steering links made, and decided to move the panhard axle mount from the AX10 location out on to the XR "C". this allowed the panhard rod to be 1" longer further eliminating axle swing.

    finished the truck just in time to try it out at my annual Rock The Lake 3 scale comp.
    truck did very well dispite needing a BEC. the servo winch and steering servo just didnt have enough umf to move this heavy truck.
    ended up actually winning class 3."thumbsup"

    2008 TXRCRCA Super Class State Champ
    2009 Runner Up
    and scaler freak :D

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