I am very happy to finally announce the new Crawler Innovations 5.5" Tall Double Deuce Nova Foams. These have been done for over six weeks now. I did not want to announce it publicly until more testing had been done by some of the Team Drivers. I was also wanting to check the consistency and quality of the die. I am happy to say that this is a much improved product now. I have been sending the die cut 5.5" Double Deuce Nova Foams to customers and hobby stores for the last three weeks now with no issues reported. Over the last few months I had been experiencing a lot of inconsistency with the quality of the CNC cutting as well as reports of minor glue failure. So with that in mind, I worked with the foam company and designed a die just for the 5.5 Tall Double Deuce Nova Foams. I am happy to say these all still being 100% made in the U.S.A. which is extremely important to me. Here are the pictures of the new die cut foams :D , goodbye glue joints :thumbsup: ;

Just the 5.5 inner foam;

Just the 5.5 outer foam;

Since I had to design the die, I decided to add a few new features to the 2.2, 5.5 foam line.

First, Crawler Innovations will soon be offering 6.0" Tall Double Deuce Nova Foams. The way that Crawler Innovations achieves the 6.0" Tall height is by adding tuning rings to the 5.5" Tall Double Deuce Nova Foam. We are now die cutting Tuning Rings. The tuning rings are 1/4 thick which means each ring adds .500" of height to a standard 5.5" tall Double Deuce Nova Foam. We have a tuning ring for the 5.5" inner foam and the 5.5 outer foam. The rings are still being tested but early reports are good which is why I am announcing them now. Another huge and innovative idea is that the tuning rings will offered in different densities. What that means is that 3 and 4 stage 2.2 foams are now possible! :!:

Here are some pictures of the soft outer and firm inner tuning rings;

Here is a 6.0" Tall Double Deuce Nova Foam with both the tuning rings installed;

It's actually taller than 6.0" so it will fully fill any 6 inch custom tire being made. It will also fill some up coming projects C.I. might be working on.

Another huge benefit of having a new custom die, is now Crawler Innovations can start offering more foam options. So with that said, below are the pictures of the new 5.5 tall Double Deuce Memory Foam outer. That's right, memory foam. Enough people had been asking for it, so here it finally is. It is still being tested by a few Team Drivers so it is not for sale yet. But the early reviews are great. On to the pictures:

5.5 Memory foam compared to a standard conventional 5.5 foam

The memory foam is much heavier and seems to perform best on rc rock crawlers in the 6 pound range. It helps to eliminate the bounce conventional foam tends to have.

While we were at it, we die cut new 5.5" inners in a medium density and new outers in medium density. The densities are still being tested and are not ready for sale just yet. But very soon Crawler Innovations will be offering soft, medium and firm densities in both inner and outer foam sizes. The idea is that the Double Deuce Nova Foam line will be completely tunable. That way you can conquer any terrain no matter what rc crawler you have, how much it weighs or what your driving style is.

Let me take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to every one in the rc crawling community that has supported me by purchasing my products, giving me honest feedback and real support. Without you, there would be no me. I am truly grateful. Thank you so much.
- Eddie